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Our company is dealing with development and production of special machine parts and job-shop laser technology service.

With the part development and production we use creative technical solutions and alternative base materials and  utilise the very latest technologies, high precision manufacturing, the most modern methods of surface treating and take advantage of the intensive use of high-tech materials such as polymer composites, rare metals, special alloys and mixed compounds to effectively produce or refurbish machinery components which allow our customers to significantly lower the cost per unit rate of their production lines.

In our laser technology workshop we can perform laser hardening, laser welding, carbide and stellite coating and partial production work for additive manufacturing.

In our laboratory we can parform material tests, defect analysis and research activities for new solutions and new technologies.


We always do our best to identify our customers' needs and working with them on common developments and services we provide them with solutions that allow them to improve their competitive position.

It is our philosophy that only the quality of our products and services can prove the trust of our customers. These trust that our customers place in our products and services and their satisfaction are all the time the main and most important focal point of our attention.


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